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Here’s an overview of each grade, and the topics they’ll cover this year. 


Mitzvot I Can Do:

Jewish Ethics and Values

This program is designed to open the soul of a young child and inspire a lifelong love of Torah and its Mitzvot. We introduce the fundamentals of Judaism and the importance it places on kindness, sharing, friendship and a positive attitude through exploring all the Mitzvot different parts of our bodies can do. Mitzvot like Bikur Cholim- Visiting the sick, making Challah for Shabbat, and giving Tzedakah-Charity, are just a few examples.

My Aleph Bet Book
Children will be introduced to the Hebrew alphabet in fun and engaging way. Each child will get to create their very own Aleph Bet Rhyme Book.


Journey Through Torah:

The Book of Bereishit/Genesis

Over the course of the year, students journey through the stories and lessons of the first book of the Torah, Bereishit (Genesis). From the creation of the world to the flood, and from our forefather Avraham to Joseph and his colored coat, the Torah and its lessons are brought to life every week. The students learn through visuals, games, stories and songs, and each create a beautiful scrapbook that will be theirs to keep.

Introduction to the letters of the Aleph Bet

By reinforcing the Hebrew alphabet early and using a fully integrated curriculum of songs, art, and worksheets, our students leave the classroom recognizing and identifying the letters and sounds of the Aleph Bet.


Journey through the story of the Exodus:

The Book of Shemos/Exodus

Over the course of the year, students journey through the stories and lessons of the second book of the Torah, Shemot (Exodus). From slavery in Egypt to the splitting of the sea, and from receiving the Torah on Mount Sinai to the building of the tabernacle in the desert, the Torah and its lessons are brought to life every week. The students learn through visuals, games, stories, drama and songs.

Hebrew Reading: Aleph Champ Program


The story of the Jewish People in the Desert:

The Book of Bamidbar/Numbers

First, students will journey through the stories and lessons of the fourth book of the Torah, Bamidbar (Numbers) which includes life for the Jewish people in the desert. From the story of the Spies to Bilam and the talking donkey, to the appointing of Joshua, the Torah and its lessons are brought to life.

Build a Jewish Home:

Fundamental Jewish traditions and customs

Then, throughout the second semester, students discover the Jewish items and lifestyle that enhances a Jewish home. How a Mezuzah with the Shema prayer enclosed is hung on the doorpost, how Kosher food and a charity box is found in the kitchen. Students learn through visuals, games, stories and collate their thoughts on the fundamentals that comprise Jewish life and living.

Hebrew Reading: Aleph Champ Program


Jewish Heroes:

Portraits in Jewish Leadership

It is imperative for our youth to have role models with integrity, moral values and strong conviction. Thus, our curriculum on Jewish Heroes was launched to inspire our students with tales and lessons from famous leaders throughout our history from Moshe (Moses), the first Jewish Leader, to the prophet Daniel. Students learn through audio-visuals, flashcard storytelling, drama presentations and a hero workbook illustrating how the lessons learned can assist them in making decisions today.

Hebrew Reading: Aleph Champ Program


Jewish Days:

A Journey Through the Jewish Calendar

This program takes the students on a journey around the Jewish year as well as teaches them how to navigate a Jewish calendar. From learning the names of the Jewish months, to discovering their joyous holidays and not-so-joyous days of mourning, the students gain insight into Jewish time. A weekly highlight includes collecting “Jewish Days” cards corresponding to dates on the Jewish calendar and storing them in their very own “Jewish Days” card albums.

Hebrew Reading: Aleph Champ Program


iTorah iPad:
Jewish Fundamentals
The iTorah curriculum explores fundamental Jewish concepts in a very personal, exciting, and interactive way. Topics such as G‑d, the Torah, Prayer, the Soul and the Purpose of Creation are all part of this unique curriculum.
Hebrew Reading: Aleph Champ Program


Jewish Discovery course:
Bar & Bat Mitzvah Enrichment Program
In the Jewish Discovery course, students will learn about themselves. The course addresses basic questions of Jewish identity and Jewish life, such as: Who am I? What does it mean that I am Jewish? Why do I sometimes struggle with doing the right thing? We hope this course inspires and leads to continued and greater Jewish engagement after Bar/Bat Mitzvah.
Hebrew Reading: Aleph Champ Program